Care Guide

Polyamide and aluminum blend 

The material is a special blend of polyamide (nylon) and aluminum that is resistant and very comfortable to wear.
The natural color is matte gray with small shiny aluminum particles. The colored pieces are saturated with pigments in a dyeing process.
The slightly porous material is resistant to high temperatures (up to 120°C) and is water-resistant.
Take care of avoiding direct contact with perfumes, oils, lotions or make up, as they may cause discolorations.
If required, your piece can be cleaned with water, mild soap and a soft brush, letting it dry thoroughly.
Store away from direct sources of light.


The bronze used in my collections is an alloy consisting of 90% copper and 10% tin that is suitable for jewelry and skin contact.
In some cases bronze could react with the skin, leaving a non-harmful greenish tinge that can easily be washed away.
Bronze naturally tarnishes over time, acquiring a darker color. The patina gives depth and character to the jewels, changing with time and making each piece unique. However, if desired, your bronze piece can always be polished back to achieve the original surface shine using a polishing cloth or a cleaner suited for bronze.
If required, your product can also be washed with mild soap and water, drying it with a soft towel.
Store dry and separately to prevent scratching.